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Neos vzw – Network of Enterprising Seniors – is a vivid network of 33.444 members and 220 local clubs. These local clubs are driven by more than 2.000 board members (volunteers and also seniors) who compose the program of their local club and organise and supervise the activities, such as travels, day trips, lectures, sport events, cultural events, etc. Neos has the goal to unite seniors in local clubs, provides them social connections, lifelong learning and has the goal to let them enjoy their retirement to the fullest. The quarterly magazine reaches all members, the monthly newsletters have more than 26.000 readers.

terzStiftung has more than 300 subscribed volunteers (Living Lab), aged between 60 and 85 years who wish to engage in the testing of products, facilities, infrastructure and services in their role as mature end-users and critical, informed customers. Monthly newsletters reach more than 2000 households.

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