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In the December issue of Neos Magazine, we already gave a sneak preview of the European research project CREATE, in which Neos, together with several European partners, wants to ensure that seniors have the opportunity to share their stories, knowledge, and skills with each other and society. Our research showed that our seniors are sufficiently digitally active, familiar with online knowledge platforms, and more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences. But how exactly should that platform look like?

How should such a digital platform be designed? What knowledge and stories do people want to share? What functions and support are indispensable? Both in Belgium and Switzerland, we polled several senior citizens. Their wishes are our ambitions.

A personal touch

We live in a time when we are inundated with stories, claims, and news. But how do we distinguish fake news from true stories? We can address these concerns by focusing on personal stories and experiences. Whether it is about the Beatles concert you attended or the way you experienced your army service, essential life lessons, or the recipe for the perfect cherry pie, you are completely free to share which personal stories and life experiences you want. Because that is precisely the strength of the CREATE platform, it provides a place for an indispensable treasure that is often overlooked: life experience. Because even if you devour book after book, know all articles on Wikipedia from front to back, the most important lessons come from life experience.  This is why CREATE is the platform par excellence for seniors. Because if there is anyone who excels in life experience, it is our seniors. And especially you, our Neos members.

The power of uniting

At Neos, we know better than anyone the power of uniting. With CREATE, we want to develop a platform where you can not only share stories with each other but also make new connections. Interact with like-minded people about shared interests, follow your favorite authors, start a discussion group,… and before you know it, you’ll have friends for life.

A piece of cake

We all know it: starting out full of enthusiasm, but with every obstacle, the courage sinks in further. To keep the enthusiasm at its peak, we want to make the CREATE platform as user-friendly as possible, so that everyone can start using it smoothly. No unnecessary gadgets or complicated procedures, but a clear platform that even a digital newbie can use. Because it is important that anyone who wants to can share their story.

Well begun…

The first steps in the CREATE story have already been taken, but we still have a long way to go. In the coming weeks, we will continue to shape the platform and let the first seniors get to work with it. Would you like to participate in these workshops or receive questionnaires about our CREATE project? Then send an e-mail to

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